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'Iconic Collectors' Curtis Penning

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our next featured collector, @curtispenning , one of the visionary behind . Based in Amsterdam, Curtis is the driving force behind Avant Arte’s mission to revolutionize the art world and make it more accessible to everyone.

Curtis’s journey began in 2015 when he launched Avant Arte as a digital platform to share his personal passion for art. Avant Arte has since evolved into a curated marketplace, collaborating with top contemporary artists to offer limited edition works, ranging from sculptures and prints to NFTs.

What sets Curtis apart is his relentless pursuit of innovation in art curation and his commitment to setting a gold standard for edition making. With a global community of over 3 million members spanning across 100 countries, Avant Arte has become a beacon for art enthusiasts worldwide.

A big thank you to @curtispenning and the Avant Arte team for inviting us into their world and sharing their incredible passion for art

Video by @tinnicstudios


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