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I-DO x Royal Delft

From Broken Pieces to Timeless Masterpieces

Unique Collaboration between I-DO and Royal Delft: Crafting Future Traditions.

12.10.2023 - I-DO and Royal Delft are joining forces in an extraor- dinary partnership that blends traditional craftsmanship with cut- ting-edge technology, resulting in a masterpiece that pays homage to the past while shaping the future.

Our Story

In a world where tradition and innovation converge, I-DO and Royal Delft proudly announce their collaboration. This unique union brings together the best of both worlds, showcasing the power of creativity and craftsmanship.


‘The Housebird’

At the heart of this collaboration lies ‘The Housebird,’ a masterpiece that begins as a idea and digital design at I-DO. Here, advanced 3D printing technology breathes life into imagination.

Then, at the Royal Delft factory, ‘The Housebird’ comes to life. The skilled hands of artisans sculpt the essence of ‘The Housebird’ from precious Delft Blue pottery. Master painters infuse color and life into this unique artwork with passion and precision.


‘The Housebird’ symbolizes how broken pieces, with vision and dedication, transform into timeless masterpieces. This collaboration epitomizes the transition from the past to the future, where both con- verge to create the extraordinary.

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