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We're excited to announce that 'Spark of Light 002' is now officially live for general sale! These are exclusive pieces, with only 100 ever made, and once they're gone, they're gone forever.






€ 698,00Price
  • A young and emerging talent known as ‘BLQCK ROSE’, embodies a unique artistic vision. His work, marked by the iconic ‘Black Rose’ motif, spans from acrylic paint and digital sketches to captivating hand- painted pieces. Collaborating with Blqck Rose, I-DO ventures beyond conventional boundaries, transforming his 2D art and characters into tangible 3D sculptures and collectibles.

    The concept of ‘Spark of Light 002’ is rooted in nostalgia, a sentiment felt most profoundly during childhood. Blqck Rose’s nostalgia is intertwined with cartoon characters like ‘Pokemon’, where dreams seamlessly melded with reality. Today, Blqck Rose continues to explore this boundary-less world, breathing life into his childhood dreams through physical objects.

    The spikes and rose aesthetic is Blqck Rose’s signature, an homage to the enigmatic black rose. Each piece tells a tale of duality, exemplified by the sparky squirrel and its hidden depths. Within the rose encased by the skull lies a profound metaphor: ‘There is growth even in dark times, as every end heralds a new beginning’.

  • 35 x 34,6 x 21,7 cm

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